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To our world of purity and naturality.

Let’s introduce our new and exclusive 100% natural DUO.
THE MEETING OF two brands

When Italy meets France…

The confluence of two miracles of nature…

The perfect match between two icons…

Please be our guest and discover the new DUO of evian ® and Ferrarelle ®, our two premium natural mineral waters.
Join the circle of connoisseurs, learn more about our unique and premium natural mineral waters to enchant any culinary experience and sparkle up your tables !
Taste the naturality
* Ferrarelle ® is reinforced with natural gas from the source
Not all waters are the same.

Natural mineral water originates from an underground aquifer, is preserved from any human activity and emerges from a unique source.

It is characterised by purity and a constant level of minerals at the source.

This makes natural mineral water unique.

evian ® and Ferrarelle ® possess all the unique characteristics of natural mineral water.
They are pure
and 100% natural *
mineral water evian water evian mineral water evian
Exclusively Groundwater Exclusively Groundwater Various (GW, river, lake…) Various (GW, river, lake…) Various (GW, river, lake…)

* Ferrarelle ® is reinforced with natural gas from the source

bottle evian
  • Neutral PH (7,2)
  • Round and soft taste
  • Natural electrolytes
  • Pure hydration

evian ® natural mineral water comes from the heart of the French Alps, a unique geological site in the world.

For more than 15 years, water from rain and snow travels through the rocks, where it is enriched with essential minerals. Since 1789, evian ® has been directly bottled at the source, from the French Alps’ to the consumer’s glass.

With a unique mineral composition, as all natural mineral waters, evian ® is a healthy choice throughout the day.

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evian ® Natural Mineral Water
Discover evian ® natural mineral water in pictures
bottle Ferrarelle
  • Natural and fine bubbles
  • 1490 mg/L bicarbonates
  • Homogeneous and long lasting bubbles
  • 390 mg/L calcium

The Ferrarelle ® naturally sparkling mineral water springs from an ancient unique volcanic source located in the territory of Riardo in the South of Italy.

During its slow and long journey of 30 years through volcanic rocks, the rain water is enriched with unique minerals and capture natural carbon dioxyde from the earth’s mantle, emerging with natural fine bubbles.

Ferrarelle ® is then directly bottled at the source since 1893.

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* Ferrarelle ® is reinforced with natural gas from the source
Ferrarelle ® Sparkling Natural Mineral Water
Discover Ferrarelle ® Natural mineral water in pictures
duo Ferrarelle evian

The Duo

You are passionate about fine dining and we know it. You want the best everyday, for you and for your guests.

  • Choosing evian ® and Ferrarelle ® DUO is choosing the 100% natural with two unique natural mineral waters
  • Choosing evian ® and Ferrarelle ® DUO is choosing the 100% taste and pleasure with two unique compositions and two unique tastes to enchant any culinary experience
  • Choosing evian ® and Ferrarelle ® DUO is choosing the 100% French and 100% Italian, with two iconic brands deeply rooted in their territory of origin

Stop compromising between naturality, taste and pleasure and discover our 100% French-Italian DUO.

Let us reveal our DUO and taste the naturality.

The duo

100% Natural

evian ® and Ferrarelle ® are forming the first international 100% natural origin * DUO in On-premise.

This new DUO is the natural association of two unique sources, one springing from the French Alps, renowned for their outstanding purity, and the other, springing from the Italian rocks, the cradle of sparkling water.

Those two miracles of nature, in accordance with the Natural Mineral Water regulation, are bottled directly at the source and remain preserved from any human activity, from the deep underground aquifer where they are born, to the glass in which you will enjoy it.

That is the secret of their natural and original purity.

* Ferrarelle ® is reinforced with natural gas from the source

duo bouteilles evian Ferrarelle
The duo

100% Taste & Pleasure

evian ® and Ferrarelle ® DUO is the perfect match between two unique compositions and two unique tastes.

evian ®, with its natural electrolytes, giving it its round and soft taste, is the ideal water to offer to your guests.

Ferrarelle ® naturally contains minerals as bicarbonates and calcium. It also possesses exceptionally fine long lasting bubbles that will awake the senses of your guests and enhance the flavors of the finest dishes.

Combine the delicacy of evian ® with the incomparable effervescence of Ferrarelle ® and you will obtain the perfect association to enchant any culinary experience.

evian’s ® round and soft taste will perfectly complement fine food and delicate wines. Ferrarelle’s ® incomparable sparkle and fine long lasting bubbles will perfectly elevate the taste and the quality of the finest ingredients.

evian ferrarelle tasta end pleasure
You can have it all, Taste & Pleasure
Choose evian ® and Ferrarelle ® new DUO !
The duo

100% French, 100% Italian

That is what makes this DUO so special, so unique : the meeting of two true icons.

The meeting of two true representatives of the best of their country of origin.

The meeting of two leaders, the meeting of two treasures of authenticity.

Invite to the table all the elegancy, glamour and chic of the French culture with all the exuberance and positiveness of the Mediterranean Italian style.

Mix the evian ® « Live Young » spirit with the Ferrarelle ® « Vivi Effervescente » way of life to rejuvenate and sparkle up your tables !

bottles evian ferrarelle
The Duo Range
bottle evian 33cl
330 ml
bottle evian 75 cl
750 ml

evian’s ® bottle uses an iconic design with a silkscreened logo, a fluid curve and silvery colors. Its elegant, exclusive and resolutely modern design enhances the purity and the premiumness of evian water.

bottle ferrarelle 75cl
750 ml
bottle ferrarelle 33cl
330 ml

Ferrarelle’s ® bottle uses an iconic and quality-guaranteed shape, which has been the same since 1893.

The brand engraving, its metallized label, and its iconic green color highlight the 100% Italian origin of the water.

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